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Launching Fall 2018

The web platform that revolutionizes voice casting.

For the first time—an online service that links and streamlines all VO-related functions.

Designed for the industry professional.

Voice Force is the only web network that simultaneously connects the three focal points of voice casting—buyers, agents, and talent—for submissions, casting, booking and managing projects.

Voice casting made simpler, easier, faster.

Tedious tasks are replaced with an easy to access dashboard customized to the user’s needs. With both desktop and mobile accessible tools, Voice Force can start, edit, and archive voice projects and submissions for fast retrieval; track deadlines; coordinate production; manage budgets; and process payment.

Streamlined, comprehensive support.

Enabled by state-of-the-art technology.

Expressly designed for the voice industry in the digital age.

Voice Force integrates communication, casting, project management, talent submission, and day-to-day production coordination.

Its powerful site tools upload documents, voice references, reels, and scripts directly to the site and to the right people.

Saving time and money.

No more missed deadlines or miscommunications.

From first draft to final mix, it’s a whole new way to do business.

Where the industry listens.

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