Voice Force

Where the industry listens.

Voice Force

Where the industry listens.

The industry is shifting.

And that’s an understatement. Business as usual is redefined every day, with voice-over increasingly relied upon by brands, games, film, and television to deliver high-quality content in a changing landscape.


That’s why we’re here.

We accelerate, essentialize, and centralize the entire casting process. And that begins with ensuring your roster is rock-solid. Talent have the freedom to get more specific about what they can do, and their agent can leverage those characteristics to book jobs.

The solution for casting
in the 21st century.

The solution for casting in the 21st century.

Download links, email chains, tracking down project details, waiting for replies, even copy and pasting — the seconds add up. Voice Force cuts through the busywork and lets everyone get more done in their day.

From first draft to final mix,
it’s a whole new way to do business.

In short, something that was better, faster, and smarter.

Voice Force is a web platform that gives power to the agents. Keeping your roster organized, categorized, and up to date has never been easier. Your talent pool is immediately accessible with our robust set of search tools that give you a bird’s-eye view of every actor’s skills, reels, dialects, home studio setups, and more.

And best of all: your talent are not charged pay-to-play fees.

Agents and their talent can upload and download scripts, NDAs, auditions, and reels. The closed system ensures security and efficient communication. No more download links or long email chains.

Voice Force integrates project organization, reels, submissions, and communication with buyers, all in one place. Casting, submitting, booking, and managing projects has never been easier.

The team

Steve Howard


Kerry Logan


Mike O’Dell

Agency Consultant

Spencer Devlin Howard

Creative Director

John Stiens

Head of Sales

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