You hear them every day.

And if you’re involved in any aspect of voice casting, you know this $4 billion-dollar business is integral to almost every segment of the entertainment industry. And you know how much the business is changing.

VOICE FORCE is a game changer

Voice Force was developed by our small team of industry pros who had experienced first-hand the daily challenges of voice casting. What we saw was the need for an integrated service that would meet the requirements of buyers, agents and talent. A service that would harness state-of-the-art technology to deliver every function necessary for voice casting.

In short, something that was better, faster, and smarter.

Launched in 2019, Voice Force is a web platform that simultaneously connects the three focal points of voice casting—buyers, agents and talent. Casting, submitting, booking and managing projects has never been easier. Communications, casting, project management, talent submission and day-to-day production coordination are all integrated. Our web tools upload documents, voice files, reels and scripts directly to the site and to the right people, saving time and money.

From first draft to final mix, it will be a whole new way to do business.

Our team